Our Impact

Thanks to you - the Myotonic community members who volunteer, donate, advocate and help fulfill our Care and a Cure mission - Myotonic has become the world’s largest DM-only patient advocacy organization, serving individuals and families around the world.

Every day, we focus on helping families living with myotonic dystrophy by delivering comprehensive support resources, and driving research to accelerate the discovery of DM therapies. You make this work possible, and we want you to know just how much impact you have helped to create. We created a short overview of our recent efforts and impact for your review. Click on the icons below to view the Myotonic "Our Impact" statement, the Myotonic Care Programs Report and our audited financial statements.



Myotonic was founded by families with DM seeking to help one another and to find a cure. We are stronger together. Thank you for your support!

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